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  • Whew, God is really busy here!


    May 15 was the 2nd anniversary of Iglesia Christiana Nueva Vida (New Life Christian Church).  The Sunday before (May 8 ) after 3 baptisms, we had a “clean the church day” and I was amazed how many of the people pitched in to clean.  Everyone but 4 people who had attended the service helped, including the youth.The pictures are below.

    The leaders had asked some other missionaries–Pecos and Lynda Inchaustegui–to help us with the celebration.  They have been missionaries in Mexico City for a long time and are now focusing on strengthening marriages.   It was a big celebration starting on Friday, the young people’s small groups had a big celebration (Jaky and I made cookies).  Pecos and Lynda were the program and there were 40 young people there all praising the Lord.  Saturday morning was a women’s breakfast.  I cut up 10 huge cantaloupes for that.  Lynda provided the program about priorities and time with the Lord.  She did a great skit.  All 35 women really enjoyed it and some said they were going to try really hard to read God’s word daily.  Saturday night was a program for married people.  Pecos and Lynda used their gifts very effectively for the 15 couples that attended.  Then Sunday morning we had a great celebration where the new sanctuary will be (the basketball court) when we get it covered.  We put a tent over it for the day. Pecos preached.   Many friends from other ministries came to celebrate with us, including Niños de Mexico.  Our sister church, Jubileo (Jubilee) provided the children`s  Sunday School, so all our people could celebrate together.  After we had a dinner for everyone–Spaghetti (Mexican style) and chicken.  It is so amazing to see God at work here, not only at Nueva Vida, but in other churches and ministries in Mexico.  We have continues having 80+ people attending with new people coming every Sunday and continuing to come.  We saw how wonderful it will be to have the new sanctuary because we are very full in the old one now, even after the children leave for Sunday School.  Please praise the Lord with us for His wonderful blessings and ask for His continued blessings on Nueva Vida.

    After the celebration Sunday, I went to Mexico City with my teammates Steve and Kay Carpenter.  I had a doctor’s appointment on Wednesday and it was nice to ride with them and not have to take the bus.   I am praising God for His healing my sinus infection.  Now, I am being tested with a painful knee.  The doctor ordered ultrasound treatments because the back side of my kneecap is rough and causing the pain.  Prayerfully the treatments will do the trick and I won’t have to have surgery.  I am supposed to have 10 treatments, which started yesterday here in Pachuca.  It was a challenge to find a place that could do it.  Unlike Mexico City, Pachuca does not have as many modern medical facilities.  But God knew the perfect place!  Greg and I asked a number of people and God led us to a great clinic where the physical therapist actually takes care of the Pachuca soccer team and had state of the art equipment.  Today my knee feels great! Please pray that God would work His miracle and I won’t need surgery!

    Last Saturday, we had a Despedida de Soltera{farewell to singleness} (wedding shower) for Jessi, our youth leader, who is marrying Enrique, our worship leader Saturday, May 29.  I am so excited because I have never been to a Mexican wedding and because I love Jessi and Enrique very much.  The shower was extremely interesting.  Most of the games involved giving the bride advice on everything from cooking and keeping house to the wedding night.  It was hilarious and so much fun, even though I couldn’t undrstand everything.  One event was when the single girls dressed Jessi for her wedding with white material, toilet paper, and make up.  The the married women dressed her for the wedding night (over her clothes) with tinsel garland, pink wig, make-up and long black stockings–very funny!

    While I was in Mexico City to see the doctor, Pam DeLeon, Jorcy and I got together to finalize plans for a medical mission team coming in July and for the Nueva Vida Leaders Vision Seminar and Church Wide Awareness Seminar for TIC (CHE).  The Leaders Seminar is June 5 and the Church Seminar is June 18.  June 12 start the Nueva Vida Church emphasis on Community Outreach.  Please pray for the leaders and church family to catch God’s vision for His communities of Cubitos and LaRaza.  Please pray that God will raise up people who are excited about helping their community through TIC.Also pray for us to follow God’s lead and not our own way.

    The medical mission team includes 2 nurses and a dental hygienist, who are coming July 16-24.  Two of them are from Florida and one is from Hannibal, Missouri.  In Pachuca, Sunday they will visit Nueva Vida church and then for 2 days they are going to teach the Nueva Vida TIC team to do blood pressure, diabetes, and child development screening and to teach the community how to prevent hypertension, diabetes, child development and dental problems.  The third day the team will conduct a clinic for the community, supervised by the medical team.  It will be a very visible interaction with the communities.  I am very excited to see what God is going to to do with our program.  After the third day they will go visit the pyramids on the way to Mexico City.  The pyramids are a good place to learn Mexican cultural background and also to buy souvenirs.  In Mexico City at Las Aguilas church, they will have 3 days of screening clinics.  It will be a very action packed time for the 3 women.  I am thanking God for their heart for the Mexican people.  Please pray for their safe trip here and back and that God will use their gifts for His glory.

    I am continuing with treatments on my knee and preparing for the seminars and medical team.  It is great to see God working and to be able to join him and be used by Him even though I’m ¨gimpy¨.

    Thank you so much for your faithful prayers and support.  Hope you enjoy the pictures and feel like you are totally involved in this ministry.  Sorry this is so long.  I promise to do more frequent, shorter ones in the future.  Please remember that I am also praying for you too.  I know God is using you, not only through this ministry, but where ever you are.

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  • Thanks for the prayers!

    Hi Friends,

    It has been a really good week.  It started out kind of tough because I had a sinus infection and was pretty miserable for a few days.  But, thanks to God who answered your prayers, I am much better now.  I went to a doctor here who was at a pharmacy.  I had some doubts about what kind of doctor it would be because it was free at the pharmacy, but was thankful that he was a really good a thorough doctor.  He ordered antibiotics, decongestants and an anti-inflammatory (not free).  It took 5 days, but now I’m back to normal–PTL!

    During this time, Pam DeLeon came to visit from Mexico City.  She was an answer to your prayers because she insisted I go to the doctor and was there to help me if I needed an interpreter.  Before my infection got really bad, we went to Real del Monte, which is a very interesting little silver mining town about 30 minutes from here.  Anyone who comes to visit me will get a chance to go there.  I think you will really enjoy it.  Pam stayed 3 days and we got some CHE work done.  It was so good to have someone to talk to besides Luna.

    Sunday was a wonderful day at church.  It was the day after Dia de Niños (Children’s Day) here in Mexico, so after church we celebrated that with a special event for the Niños (kids).  The service was really good.  Greg did a great job speaking God’s word regarding trials and tribulation–very appropriate for our people.  Many of our people are going through super hard times.  Please pray for the people of Nueva Vida church to remain faithful and grow in Christ through these times and rejoice in the precious children we have.  Sorry, I couldn’t stay for the celebration and get pictures–was not feeling well.

    I am now in Mexico City to work with Pam and Jorcy (a very gifted Mexican woman whose husband, Ruben, is the pastor of the Las Aguilas church).  We are working together in CHE for our Mexico Team.  We planned a Leaders’ Awareness Seminar and a Church Awareness Seminar for Pachuca.  We also made plans for a medical group coming July 16-24 from the states.  There will be 3 Dental Hygienists and 2 nurses.  I plan to put them to work training my TIC team to do screening and education for Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Child Development, eating disorders, and dental health so that my team will be able to continue screening and teaching. We plan to have a clinic on their last day so my team can practice what they have learned with supervision.  Jorcy will put them to work doing clinics in Las Aguilas.  Pam and Jorcy will come to Pachuca to help me with seminars and training and I will come to Mexico City to help them.  It is good to be part of a CHE team!  Please pray that God will use us for His glory and for the seminars in Pachuca scheduled for June 5 and June 11.  Pray that God will raise up His TIC (CHE) team after the Church Awareness Seminar. I am going back to Pachuca Saturday after a little shopping.

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