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    bus driverliving room (solara de estar)front doorP1030747P1030743PTL 3 weeksAna Lucia of classes are finished. I have learned a lot. Rosetta Stone has helped me communicate with people and given me some basics. I am really thankful for it. I have met some wonderful people. God keeps putting blessings (people) in my path. My landlady, Ana; my housemate Bethany; my teachers and fellow students. I have even been driving some. It has been a little scary because everyone here drives so fast, but I am getting the hang of it. There are a lot of “gloriettas” which we call round-abouts. They really whip around those fast, but I drove on one yesterday and survived! PTL! I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to go into the mountains Monday with a group of Mexican Christians. We are starting early and going to a village there and have breakfast, spend some time looking at the marvelous scenery. I am very excited about it. I will post pictures when I get them. Monday is a major holiday–Liberation Day. Bethany

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  • Hi from Guadajara!

    I have been here 8 days and am getting acquainted with the area I live and the area of the language school. I am living in a room in a house owned by a really wonderful Mexican Christian woman. She lives in a residence in the back, but uses the kitchen. Her name is Ana Lucia. She teaches at a local seminary. She is somewhere around my age. She doesn’t speak English. Another language student has another room of the house. Her name is Bethany, she is from north Illinois and is 27. She has wanted to be a missionary since she was 9. We really get along well–we are both directionally challenged, as you will read below!
    My room is nice and just what I need. I get to use the kitchen and cook! Bethany and I like to cook together.
    We started class on Monday. The language school is about 45 minutes (2 buses) away from hour place. Bethany and I were an hour late because we got off the 2nd bus at the wrong place and walked around for an hour before we found the school. Our cell phones didn’t work because, unknown to us, we had to register them online–which was in Spanish and we didn’t know how to do it. We finally got them registered yesterday, thanks to Kay, my team leader, in Mexico City.
    The second day, we missed our bus stop, so had to ride the whole bus route, then get off and get on another bus. We were again an hour late!
    But TODAY we finally got it right and were 20 minutes early. What a surprise to all who were there! God is good. We had amazing experiences on the bus and saw much more of Guadalajara than we ever would if things went “right”.
    So far, Rosetta Stone is helping me communicate with people in important ways–asking directions, for example. I think I have that down pat! It is also helping me find lessons easier than for some in my class. For that I thank God! I am finding that some of the words used in RS are not used in Mexico.
    I am not driving my car yet. The traffic and driving patterns are a little intimidating. Maybe next week I will attempt driving around the block and in this neighborhood. Please pray His protection for me and the other people on the streets!
    I will add some pictures tomorrow.
    Thank you all for praying me here and for all your support and encouragement. I will keep you posted!

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